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Hello, welcome to my page, my name is Griselda and I took my very first yoga class in 2012, a friend invited me to try this studio that she found on groupon, so I bought a voucher and went to my first class.  I am going to be hones and say I did not like it, but I had already bought the voucher and well I usually like to finish what I start. I continued to take classes and with the different teachers came different classes, so I started to really enjoy the variety of classes so I joined the yoga studio. 

I never really spoke to any of the other students there since I am a quiet person and tend to keep to myself, but one day one of the teachers mentioned a trip to mexico for teacher training and I inquired about it.  Next thing you know I am in beautiful Mar de Jade training to be a yoga teacher.  My teacher sat next to me for out first meal there and said, "What are you doing here?"  I replied with " I am here for the beautiful views", he smiled and said " Griselda, you are always quiet in class and always practice right by the wall, never imaged you here, but I am glad you are, welcome."  I was surprised he knew my name.   

That is how my journey started, I fell in love with yoga and really began to appreciate it and learn more after that beautiful week in Mexico. I love teaching and designing different classes for everyone's needs. 


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